Addressing our most critical needs driven by community feedback

This $29.8 Million single-question ballot includes:

  • A new 2nd - 4th grade Elementary School located on a 52-acre site near the existing Marshall Middle School.

  • Three-classroom Early Childhood addition at Park Side Elementary, improvements to serve PK - 1st grade students, and removal of the existing portable classroom.

  • Centralized Early Childhood programming at Park Side Elementary, creating efficiency and consistency at Park Side Elementary and providing additional space at Marshall Middle School.

  • Safety and security improvements at Park Side Elementary, the new Elementary School, MATEC, and Marshall High School.

  • West Side Elementary to be decommissioned to better serve our community and either demolished or prepared for future development.


This single-question referendum will address both our facility and programming-related needs.


The preliminary project schedule milestone dates for each facility throughout the project are shown above.

  • The School Board has determined that upgrading our facilities to meet today’s educational standards will help improve the education we offer all students.

  • Today, safe and secure schools benefit everyone including students, staff, and visitors.

  • Centralizing all Early Childhood programming will increase grade cohesiveness and educational delivery.

  • Replacing our inefficient West Side Elementary is the most cost-effective option for the District, and it increases our 21st Century learning opportunities for our students.